Archive: April 2015

Update for Symfony 3.x: See this comment to see the changes needed.   Symfony forms are quite horrible when you want to do custom things (like javascript, autocomplete, and collections or both ūüôā ). There are some solutions available on the internet, but they often¬†“hack” the symfony form using DataTransformers and text fields. I think […]

If you want to use BabelJS in your Ionic application and write beautiful ECMAScript 6, it is quite easy !

We use CasperJS¬†in our continuous integration system to check non-regressions. The Tester module¬†contains a lot of pre-packaged functions, but sometime you want to test some things that is not packaged into CasperJS. The solution is very simple: you just have¬†to extends the tester module prototype ! Imagine you want to assert that the canonical url […]