Archive: December 2013

At Mapado, we use Celery, a python distributed task queue, to queue, distribute and execute all kinds of tasks. For example, in the case where you’d like to submit an activity to Mapado, which it already online on another website (including Facebook), you can paste its URL in our form, so that we can pre-fill […]

Une fois n’est pas coutume, un petit article en français 🙂 En bons lyonnais que nous sommes, on est assez fans de la Fête des Lumières et de l’ambiance que ce festival crée dans la ville pendant 4 jours. On a donc eu envie de donner un éclairage (^^) “Mapadien” sur cet événement. Nous vous […]

Mapado is one year old ! One year with a 5 people team (6 now since a month), and one year with Scrum. Nobody had really used scrum or agile software development before that. Here is our feedback about this year.

Our job, at Mapado, is collecting all “things to do”, all around the planet. In order to get this huge amount of information, we crawl the web, like Google does, searching for content related to concert, show, visits, attractions, …. When we find an interesting page, we try to extract the “good” data from it. […]