Well, we’re not the best at keeping this blog up-to-date. We have a lot to do to make Mapado a great service and we focus on enhancing the product. Our sprints are intense and we like to keep them that way but you know, it doesn’t give that much time to write. We wanted to share anyway, and here it is!

As I’m the designer in the team, I hope you’ll be likely to understand what I’m talking about (this strange language developers talk, you know…).

Here are some things we’ve done lately:

    • Nicolas focuses on adding tons of activities, brightly achieving our challenge to double the number of activities in our database every sprint (a sprint lasts 2 weeks — 10 working days). At the next sprint, we’ll win an impossible badge if we reach our goal of adding 102.400 activities in one single sprint, and that’s something!). Every event counts: you can help by submitting one yourself!

      The final countdown

      The final countdown

    • Jerry made a huge step forward in the field of rubrics: on Mapado, activities are fully automatically classified. We had some problems with putting the rights activities in the rights rubrics, now we’re proud of our 92% of good predictions 🙂 That’s a major improvement for the whole user experience. No more concerts classified as “garage sales”! Some mistakes are still there, but that’s the 8%!

      Well classified activities. What else?

      Well classified activities. What else?

    • Julien B. developed a great algorithm to find similarities and to merge them, in order to avoid multiple activities that are, in fact, the same. And it’s not that easy 😉

      Clearly the same but not that easy for an algorith

      Clearly the same but not that easy for an algorithm

    • Julien D. developed this awesome banner and made my dreams come true 😉

    • Balto is the master of our datamining issues, and that’s thanks to him that you can “do the magic”: filling a form without filling a form! You have no idea what I’m talking about? Try it yourself!

    • Dimitri is our Dr. Frankenstein, playing with webkit and stuff. You should stay away from him when he experiments (that means everytime).

      Dimitri when programming

    • Christina, our business developer, meets many place owners to understand their needs and brings us great informations to make a better product. We love to hear from them.

    • I have worked on a brand new activity page, more user-friendly, data-compliant and, I hope so, much more “sexy”

      Our new activity page and the awesome banner

      Our new activity page and the awesome banner

      (note from Jerry : “Christelle doesn’t want to tell but she did great in adding frond-end development to her skills”)

What you can expect from us soon:

  • We will soon launch Mapado for France (something we’ve already done very quietly) and we’ll start communicating about it.

  • We’re developing a great dashboard to help activity owners manage their places, events, and to spread the word.

  • The place page will soon be much better 🙂

  • We’ll will soon launch pages for artists, associations, theater troups, production labels… any organisation that has events to promote, and not just places!

  • Better searching and some recommandation. We don’t want to make an “usine à gaz” so that’s a big thing to work on. Little improvements each time but carefully crafted.

  • Much much more activities anywhere and anytime you need to find something to do. Whatever you want to do. At least, we’ll try as hard as we can.

  • The ability of creating lists of events (examples: “Places not to miss in Paris” or “Best concerts I’ve seen in my life”)

  • A team page… but hey, you have our humans.txt file.
    “That should be enough.” — Developers, of course.

We love your feedbacks!

As you now, we’re iterating everyday about everything, and the greatest feedbacks come from our users: don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you think something should be improved.

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