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Update for Symfony 3.x: See this comment to see the changes needed.   Symfony forms are quite horrible when you want to do custom things (like javascript, autocomplete, and collections or both 🙂 ). There are some solutions available on the internet, but they often “hack” the symfony form using DataTransformers and text fields. I think […]

Today, I was confronted to a tricky problem: identify two different types of user, using the FOSUserBundle of Symfony.

Gustavo Dudamel

I love composer. It is really a great tool for managing dependencies. But as I work with some uninitiated people, they never know what to do : composer install or composer update ? I will try to explain what each command does and when to use it.


At Mapado, as you may know, we want to offer the possibility to search “things to do close to you”. And by close we mean culturally, and geographically too. About this second point, we did not find a better solution than an auto-complete search field whit a city list in a dropdown (as you can […]