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At Mapado, we use Celery, a python distributed task queue, to queue, distribute and execute all kinds of tasks. For example, in the case where you’d like to submit an activity to Mapado, which it already online on another website (including Facebook), you can paste its URL in our form, so that we can pre-fill […]

Mapado is one year old ! One year with a 5 people team (6 now since a month), and one year with Scrum. Nobody had really used scrum or agile software development before that. Here is our feedback about this year.

Our job, at Mapado, is collecting all “things to do”, all around the planet. In order to get this huge amount of information, we crawl the web, like Google does, searching for content related to concert, show, visits, attractions, …. When we find an interesting page, we try to extract the “good” data from it. […]

Gustavo Dudamel

I love composer. It is really a great tool for managing dependencies. But as I work with some uninitiated people, they never know what to do : composer install or composer update ? I will try to explain what each command does and when to use it.


At Mapado, as you may know, we want to offer the possibility to search “things to do close to you”. And by close we mean culturally, and geographically too. About this second point, we did not find a better solution than an auto-complete search field whit a city list in a dropdown (as you can […]

After testing cropping images using entropy, we now try to go deeper in Image crop automation. Those are nice feet One of our worst case scenarios emerged from pictures like that this one : If we only use the “entropy” crop, the render is as following : The bottom of this picture seems to be […]

Cropping an image with a script is not a big deal as there are many libraries available in every language, but some could lead to the following case : A few web searches about “failsafe crop” led us to a very interesting paper : A Unified Approach to Salient Object Detection via Low Rank Matrix Recovery […]

I spend the last two days installing Graphite on our server at mapado. What we have: Linux server with Debian Squeeze Python 2.7 installed system-wide with python headers ( sudo apt-get install python-dev) virtualenv and virtualenv-wrapper installed ( sudo pip install virtualenv virtualenv_wrapper) cairo installed system-wide (apparently cairo dos not work fine with pip, so :  sudo apt-get install python-cairo) Apache2 server running What we wanted: A Graphite […]