Archive: April 2015

Update for Symfony 3.x: See this comment to see the changes needed.   Symfony forms are quite horrible when you want to do custom things (like javascript, autocomplete, and collections or both šŸ™‚ ). There are some solutions available on the internet, but they oftenĀ “hack” the symfony form using DataTransformers and text fields. I think […]

If you want to use BabelJSĀ in your IonicĀ application and write beautiful ECMAScript 6, it is quite easy !

We use CasperJSĀ in our continuous integration system to check non-regressions. The Tester moduleĀ contains a lot of pre-packaged functions, but sometime you want to test some things that is not packaged into CasperJS. The solution is very simple: you just haveĀ to extends the tester module prototype ! Imagine you want to assert that the canonical url […]